And my awards go to…

I really enjoyed watching the Emmy Awards on Sunday night.  Most of my favorite shows and actors were not only winners on stage, but also on the carpet!  A few trends I noticed were one shoulder gowns, navy as a change from black , shimmering champagne dresses, and non fussy hair and makeup.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite red carpet looks.  Who were your favorites?

Nina Dobrev Emmy Awards Fabulous

Nina Dobrev in Zuhair Murad: I love everything about this look!  The emphasis on her mysterious eyes paired with a subtle lip is incredibly sexy.  The perfectly non perfect updo and one shoulder dress really accentuate her amazing shoulders. This was my favorite head to toe look of the evening.  Everything from hair, makeup, dress, and accessories really came together as a 10 in my book 🙂

January Jones in  Versace:  People will either love or hate this look, and I happen to love it! I love that she always seems to take risks in her fashion choices.  She is able to go from the classic Betty Draper from the past and now “Dons” an edgy futuristic look.  The effortless bedroom hair and understated makeup properly showcase this electric blue dress as a work of art.

Kiernan Shipka Sally Draper Mad Men Emmy Awards

Kiernan Shipka in Papo d’Anjo: Little Sally Draper looks absolutely adorable and refreshingly age appropriate.  She must have good parents 🙂  I love the the girly accents on the dress and her rosy cheeks.

Amber Riley in Melissa Masse:  I admire a woman who isn’t afraid to show off her curves, especially in a white dress!  She radiates a sparkling confidence, and her look parallels her radiant smile.  She looks like a goddess.

Claire Danes in Giorgio Armani Privé:  I’m a sucker for sparkle, so I think this is my favorite gown of the night.  I love the monochromatic look of the blonde hair, shimmering golden skin and champagne dress.  Lack of accessories allows the dress to stand on its own.  Her makeup is sexy yet fresh, making her eyes her best accessory to the dress.

I’m off to buy Temple Grandin and You Don’t Know Jack!  I’ve been dying to watch them ever since Sunday 🙂


8 Responses to “And my awards go to…”

  1. 1 FashionFan September 1, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    OMG OMG OMG I LOVE doing this! Where are all the fashions displayed? Or is it available somewhere on video – like a view of all the red carpet dresses? (Video is much better, for full effect). I can so tell you what worked and what didn’t, and I am curious to see if we have similar tastes and if tastes for this kind of stuff can be objective, even a tad wee little bit (I happen to believe it can).

    So as to not be biased (well I saw the first picture by accident, briefly, and I thought the dress looked great), but I am not going to read this blog until I form my own opinions. Be back later, I hope, if I can find pictures of all (or at least most) of the red carpet fashions…

  2. 3 gypsygies September 1, 2010 at 11:30 pm

    Wow I agree completely on how refreshing it is to have a little girl – dressed like a little girl!! That’s so beautiful and she’s adorable ta’boot. And a 10 to Nina Dobrev – the silky updo hair and natural sexy makeup are my favs. I’m not much for sparkle so can’t follow you on Claire’s gown but she herself is awesome anyway haha.

  3. 4 Selena September 2, 2010 at 12:53 am

    Glad you were happy with so many of the results. I actually didn’t watch the Emmy’s or check out the coverage, but it looks like you made some good fashion picks. Great red carpet review skills! 🙂

  4. 5 Rozzz September 2, 2010 at 2:49 am

    Okay, I officially want to see hair, make-up, & style guru ASHLEY DONOVAN on the red carpet next year with @GiulianaRancic giving commentary on the best looks.

    Thanks for so much fun on your blog, once again, Ashes!!!

  5. 6 FashionFan September 2, 2010 at 8:04 am

    So I found still pictures of all the red carpet dresses at NY Daily News here:

    And video of only some of the dresses from E! on YouTube here:

    The video really does make a difference on some dresses, like quite a few of NY Daily News’ “Best Dressed” fell short for me when I saw them in the video, and there were also some dresses that really stood out on video even though the still picture did not do them justice, IMHO.

    NY Daily News and I hardly agreed on the Best Dressed — out of 15 on their best dressed, only one made my list of favorites (Kelly Osborne), and it wasn’t really a top top favorite. I think NY Daily News likes heavy sequins and sparkles a lot more that I do, and I think they are more forgiving of sort of more sloppy, arbitrary wrappings around the boob area, which seems to be a fashion trend this year. At least we agreed on most of the Worst Dressed (their words, not mine — I don’t like using the words “Worst Dressed” as long as the celebs gave it a good try, and most of them do. I especially don’t like using that term for a celeb who took a risk and fell short).

    As it has been for as long as I’ve been doing this, the biggest problem I found — again — was what I call “boob problems.” There are so many gorgeous dresses out there that have the potential to do very well only to fail around the boob area. It really is a problem area, I can tell, prolly because this area really has to suit each woman’s body type in the first place and then, once that problem is tackled, the dress still has to be custom fit to her specific form, so any aspiring dress designers out there take note! If you want to do well, learn to conquer the boob problem with confidence — early and often.

    I’ve put the dresses into four categories: “Top Six”, “Other Favs”, “Very Close, but No”, and “Didn’t Work Out, but Good Try.” I don’t include the guys when I do this, though a lot of them looked fabulous, too, from what I saw.

    Top Six, in order they appear first on the NY Daily News web site:

    Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) yellow mermaid-like with a brown stripe down the front, nice design, nice material, nice fit, and nice, confident attitude on the video (did I say nice enough?) I am a sucker for simple and complicated put together so well. This is an example of a dress I may have overlooked as a fav if I only saw the picture and missed the way she carried it in the video.

    Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) I am sooo loving this dress in the picture. Damn! Wish I could have seen a video of it because it might very well be my fav of the night.

    Rutina Wesley (True Blood) I LOVE when black women pull off a fantastic dress that only a black woman can do. Wish I could have seen this on video, but possibly my top five of the night.

    Eva Longoria Parker (Presenter) black strapless, classic, very nice. One of the favs of my favs, prolly top five, nice tan, too, looked great.

    Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) nice silver-ish color, nice fit, nice straps at the top, prolly my top five of the night.

    30 Rocks’ Tracy Morgan’s guest (no name given), Damn, wish they gave her name because her dress made my top five. Black with sequins (though not covered in them like some other dresses), one strap, and just a gorgeous cut, she carries it well, just gorgeous, top five for me.

    Other Favs (in order they appear on the NY Daily News web site):

    Kelly Osbourne (E!), Yes, black with mermaid like black material in front. Nice fit. It worked. This is the only Best Dressed from the NY Daily News list that is also on my list of Favs.

    Jenna Fischer (The Office) Orange, stand out color, nice, wasn’t sure about the belt and little design in front, but after seeing all the other dresses, I came back and moved this to the favs list. Really nice fit always helps.

    Jane Lynch (Glee) Classic, black-to-purple, nice fit, carried it well (in the video), prolly the best dressed older woman, which makes me happy since she is a bisexual (who identifies as a lesbian, but she’s forgiven). Yeah for us!

    Tina Fey (30 Rock) Different, unique pattern that worked for me. Nice fit.

    Cheryl Hines (?) simple white color. Like the design on the front. One of those simple but complicated ones that works well for me.

    Kathy Griffin (My Life on the D List), unexpectedly nice, black, sequins at the bottom, nice material, nice fit, not sure why I wouldn’t expect it, but okay.

    Julie Benz (Dexter) white classic, so gorgeously simple and the fancy bare back is a nice contrast to the front. Nice fit, nice accessories and hair. (Note: as I re-read this, I obviously say nice a lot in these critiques, but I’m not going to spend time editing — just first impression and first thing out of my mouth. So be it.)

    Amber Riley (?) Very nice, white, classic, great belt, example of size not being an excuse to not look great.

    Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), dark blue classic fit, shiny with lots of sequins again, but maybe shiny is more acceptable to me if it is a darker color (to contrast with Claire Danes’ beige or golden sequins dress that is not on my fav list).

    Mother-daughter duo Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri, not sure either alone would have made my fav list (minor boob problems for both), but they just look so good together that this picture had to be on my fav list.

    Betty White (SNL) loved the rainbow sherbet thing she had going here. Made me hungry, though, and not liking that.

    Very Close, but No:

    Claire Danes (Temple Grandin) completely sequined, not a fav of mine (maybe too much of a good thing). Really nice fit, though.

    Maria Menounos (TV Personality) close but no. Too busy, too many changes in pattern (four pattern changes and a belt?), nice fit, though. Close

    Lea Michele (Glee) very close but no, was great until she turned around and looked like a peacock with a tail sticking out from the wrong place. This is why video is best for final decisions on best dressed.

    Heather Morris (Glee) Close but no, sequins again. Black belt doesn’t really belong and not a nice material, IMHO (too heavy, like armor) — at least on the video.

    Jennifer Westfeldt (24) Close but no, boob problems. Gorgeous greenish gray material, though.

    Kim Kardashian (E!) Close, but no, boob problems and not liking the strap going through the necklace (front and back), and not even sure I like the necklace. Different, though. Good try.

    Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) Close but no, black w/ metal sequins, a bit too vampy for my taste. very nice fit and cut, though.

    Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) SOOO close, but boob problems — looks like she was strapped in wrong, i.e., a bit too messy and complicated at the top; doesn’t flow well at the bottom (in the picture). Looked much nicer on the video, though, so okay. In the picture, her knee looks bruised and horrid, and she looks uncomfortable. Not a nice picture.

    Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU), very close, but no. Don’t like the train, too wrinkly in front, and not sure I like the lacing at the top. Very nice fit and cut, though.

    Glenn Close, close but no (no pun intended with the close), green shiny, a bit sloppy in front, especially around the boobs, a bit too prom-like. Nice, though, good try and love the actress.

    January Jones (Mad Men). Boob problems, flow problems (very stiff in the video), and just didn’t quite make it. Nice blue color, though — possibly my fav color of the night, and possibly my fav material of the night and even liked where they were going with that train. Good try.

    Emily Deschanel (?) Nice, deep purple color but maybe not for an Emmy dress or maybe just not with that pale skin. I like the layers and the cut and material, but the strap needs to be smaller with less fru fru.

    Olivia Munn (?) Don’t like the faded red color so much and some boob problems, like cut too low or too tight.

    Toni Collette (?), minor boob problems and not sure I am liking that pattern at the bottom for the Emmy’s, almost too casual.

    Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) This in a different color prolly would have made the fav list. Nice dress.

    Jewel (performing) Close but no, minor boob problems, misplaced bow in front. Nice, though, really close. She didn’t look comfortable or confident or something in the video. Makes a difference.

    Paula Abdul Close but no. Lose the belt and it might be on the fav list, but would like to see it on video. A bit too shiny and sparkly maybe, almost looks like a fancy wet suit? Nice fit, though.

    Angela Kinsey (The Office) Nice black(?), but minor boob problems, maybe tone down the lace at the top and it’s on the fav list. Nice fit.

    Brooke Burke (DWTS), Standard white strapless, very nice, but boob problems (looks like a cast around the boobs when she moves). Split up the leg all the way, but it worked. Wore it confidently (in the video).

    Jayma Mays (Glee), dark blue? A bit too frayed-looking or messy at the bottom, maybe. Nice, but not a fav of mine.

    Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife) Close, but no. Might love this chocolate brown dress in a different color, not sure. Also not liking her hair very much, but that might just be the dark black color clashing with this dress color.

    Dianna Agron (Glee), I want to like this dress, but maybe not for the Emmy’s. It’s a bit too “Little House on the Prairie” even if you lose that belt.

    Keri Russell, close but no. nice pink color but maybe not for the Emmy’s, and the cut may be a bit too casual, too, but love the dress over all.

    Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife) Close but no, beautiful from the boobs down, not so great from the boobs up. Plus no jewelry makes her look like she is just wearing a tank top and going to work out, when the video camera has her from the chest up.

    Didn’t Work Out, but Good Try:

    Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) No, don’t like the color or the material or the cut, but love the actress.

    Emily Blunt (?), light purple dress with stars, wrong fit, draped wrong in front, either have stars on the draping thing or stars on the hip, but not in both places, too much going on, seam in the wrong place at the bottom, too. no.

    Rose Byrne (?) White with way too much going on, nice try, though. Maybe would have worked if gold was around the waste only and the rest was just material.

    Anna Paquin (True Blood), no, Roman soldier shoulders — say that three times fast.

    Mindy Kaling (The Office), Looks like the dress needs a haircut or needs to be combed, one of the worst.

    Rita Wilson (?) Frumpy, too complicated and too casual at the same time.

    Naya Rivera (Glee) Very bad color for her or possibly for anybody. Cut up the thigh too high for this dress — it’s not that kind of dress. Bad hair doesn’t help.

    Heidi Klum (?) Started out great, but they forgot half the dress. Geez. Way too short.

    Kristen Wiig (SNL) Frumpy, bad cut, bad fit, shoulder feathers? geez. One of the worst.

    Lauren Graham (Parenthood) Black and white, too complicated, but at the same time looks too casual because the coloring choice makes it look like a t-shirt and skirt.

    Stephanie Pratt (The Hills) Way too short, casual. Looks like a nightie.

    Kate Gosselin (DWTS) Frumpy with major boob problems.

    Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) Another dress that looks like it needs a haircut. Frumpy, horrible dull purple color (is that fuchsia? dull fuchsia?), one of the worst.

    Jenna Ushkowitz (Glee) nice color for her but too frumpy, almost too casual, maybe get rid of the bow and put a belt that shows a little more figure.

    Julia Ormond (?), bad color for her or possibly in general, major boob problems, and make-up and hair maybe a bit too vampy.

    Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie) Way too frumpy, and no excuses about her age or body shape either.

    Julia Louis Dreyfus (?) Black with gray belt, boob problems and too frumpy. Almost too casual.

    Eva La Rue (CSI: Miami) white, didn’t fit well at all, weird little strap up one shoulder. Too complicated and too much skin in too many places.

    Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef) purple, too vampy, too messy, necklace didn’t work. Nice fit, though.

    Julie Bowen (Modern Family) Black, major boob problems, too frumpy, not a nice cut or fit.

    Nancy Juvonen (Jimmy Fallon’s wife), dull orange color, fancy poncho, a bit too casual.

    Carrie Preston (Lost’s Michael Emerson’s wife), don’t like the color pattern, not a good fit.

    Amy Poelher (Parks and Recreation) She just had a baby and looks great, but not a nice pale blue color, not a nice fit or cut, almost too casual, and boob problems (hanging out too much)

    Cheryl Burke (DWTS), major boob problems and I don’t like the belt.

    Katrina Bowden (?), major boob problems (or something going on just under the boobs?), but really nice fuscia color though. Love the dress below the waste, but maybe not for the Emmy’s

    Lo Bosworth (The Hills), horrible dull green, business attire not for the Emmy’s

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